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Seedhub Media is an experienced white-label SEO agency offering white-label services to internet marketing and web design agencies.
Accelerate your agency’s growth with our white label SEO service packages. Our SEO company professionals have solid expertise across online marketing, SEO, content marketing, local search, link building, and social media.

White-label SEO is a type of reseller program where an agency resells another agency’s or firm’s services to its own clients, under its own brand name.

In most cases, the reselling agency will have a direct relationship with the provider, allowing them to offer the services at a discounted rate.

Has your business got what it takes to rank at the top of Google? Do you know how to apply the right SEO techniques and conquer the most competitive search terms? Need a helping hand in delivering excellent results for your clients, even in the most competitive niches? It’s no secret that Google’s ranking algorithm is complex and changes constantly.

Seedhub Media is here to help with on-demand, white-label agency reseller expertise. Our private label SEO solutions deliver results that meet and exceed your expectations. They’re built to delight your clients and help you smash your campaign KPIs. All of these, without adding a single SEO expert to your agency payroll.

In partnership
We approach white label SEO as a partnership. We’ll always be by your side and deliver your campaign promises on your behalf.

Grow your agency
Add advanced SEO capability to your service portfolio to quickly scale up revenue and deliver better results from your SEO campaigns.

100% white label
Our white label solutions means that we work behind the scenes. Your clients won’t know we exist, but your bottom line will be delighted we do.

Delivering the goods
We minimize your effort and maximize your SEO results, reducing the amount of time and money spent on account management.



White label SEO agency means that we are partners. We act as the SEO provider to enable you to add results-focused SEO to your service menu helping you to scale your brand’s SEO product line.

The main benefit of white label SEO is that it allows agencies to offer a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services to their clients, without having to invest in the infrastructure and personnel required to provide those services themselves.

We embrace a data-driven approach that cuts out the guesswork. You can use our SEO packages to scale your digital marketing agency and deliver your campaign promises more confidently.

Our goal is to maximize your SEO efforts and deliver solid results by implementing a bespoke seo strategy for your clients while helping you reduce the amount of time and money you spend on account management. HTML, WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, Magento, or a custom CMS. We have experience working on a number of different CMSs and web hosting server environments.



Online companies want to sell. But today’s customers don’t want to be approached simply as shoppers. Your clients need to shift from the traditional sales approach to offering a more engaging and supportive customer experience.

This means you need to drive people through more natural marketing strategies and carry out online activities to help raise your clients’ credibility and profile. At the same time, you need to be up to date on current ranking signals, algorithm changes, and SEO trends. If you don’t have in-house resources to tackle the time-consuming and challenging task of modern SEO, leave it to Seedhub Media SEO experts!

We use the most effective, yet affordable organic search engine optimization strategies to drive bottom-line results that build client trust at wholesale prices. Our SEO experts understand the complexities of modern SEO and know which tactics to use.

Our White Label SEO Consultants Offer:

  • In-depth keyword research, focusing on search intent
  • Custom SEO tools
  • High-quality content creation, incorporating keywords and relevant search terms
  • Effective link-building methodology to boost domain authority and highlight site quality and status
  • Use of multimedia, rich media, and optimized feature images to drive increased engagement and conversions
  • Efficient on-page optimization, based on user experience (UX) best practices
  • Outstanding GMB management for improved local search visibility
  • Established workflow paired with personalized SEO strategies to drive improved ROI and better bottom-line results




Another benefit of hiring an SEO company is that it allows agencies to outsource the delivery of services to experts in the field, which can result in a higher quality of service for the client.

While organic SEO is vital, it’s also challenging for agencies to get it right. Practicing SEO requires expert and up-to-date knowledge. Some common SEO issues that many SEO companies face are the following:

  • Keyword spamming can quickly occur, and rather than boost a website’s credibility and online profile, it could result in Google penalties and a lower rank
  • Link building can be time consuming, frustrating, and costly if you don’t know how to approach it
  • It can be challenging to attribute returns to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram if you aren’t clear on complex attribution modeling, what metrics to track, or KPIs to measure
  • It’s increasingly challenging to keep on top of escalating content marketing deliverables without a dedicated team of skilled copywriters well-versed in quality signals and modern machine learning algorithms
  • The new pillar and cluster content strategy – not to mention the impact of Rank Brain, BERT, Neural Matching, MUM, and machine learning – all make content strategy and execution very complex

But Seedhub Media SEO experts:

  • Understand how to meet Google guidelines while engaging the end user to aid with conversions.
  • Work with cutting-edge, tried, and tested software systems, meaning no time consuming trial and error for your agency and no wasted spend.

Using our SEO firm is guaranteed to be easier than building your own team.

Our SEO reselling program is 100% designed for agencies like yours, seeking custom reporting, global outsourced services, and agency-friendly pricing!




Our SEO experts work in partnership with you to scale your agency, grow your revenue and deliver high-performing, result-focused SEO campaigns to your clients.

Use our white labeled SEO solution to fulfil your SEO deliverables on your behalf, all branded with your agency logo and colors as if everything had come directly from you. We become your SEO partner and while we do the work behind the scenes, you can focus on growing your margins,  strengthening your client relationships and scaling your business.


We conduct a comprehensive SEO audit to pinpoint areas of concern, identify opportunities for progression and develop a clear picture of how the website is standing against competitors.

This extremely detailed report bears your agency logo, colors and branding. It covers both on-page and off-page SEO factors, giving an exhaustive picture to your clients and demonstrating capability and expertise from day one.

Our high-value SEO audits are not just incredibly detailed, they are also carefully developed to ensure client understanding and buy-in, build trust and establish credibility for your agency.

  • Deliver a detailed pre-campaign report
  • Communicate current domain and keyword status
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Demonstrate opportunities for quick wins
  • Offer competitor landscape reports for benchmarking


Plug in our expertise across many industries to your agency with fully inclusive SEO campaign management. From optimizing web copy and eCommerce product descriptions to handling content marketing, managing Google My Business, link building, citations, and review management, our SEO experts handle every detail of the SEO campaign on your behalf.

This frees up your resources to do what you do best, minimizing the time and cost of account management while maximizing results and deliverables.

We’re proactive about communication and all work carried out by our SEO experts is delivered transparently. We work as an extension of your team, without you physically having to pay the price of specialist recruitment or consider resource allocation.

  • Our white label SEO services are delivered in partnership with you
  • Plugin the expertise of our SEO experts
  • Save time and money on costly in-house management
  • Dedicated account manager to be always by your side
  • Clear, proactive communication


Great content and successful link building go hand in hand. Known to be one of the most important ranking signals for search engines, our experienced, knowledgeable team focus on creating high domain authority and relevant links, all powered by top quality, unique content that ticks all of the quality boxes.

From influential bloggers to leading industry sites, our link builders develop tailored strategies and targeted outreach campaigns to accrue quality links from white hat, respected sites which have good standing with search engines.

  • Custom link building strategy designed and executed
  • Effective outreach to high domain authority sites, bloggers and respected industry platforms
  • 100% white hat tactics
  • Good quality links from sites in good standing


It’s no secret that correctly optimized Content is King – but we believe it has much more to offer than simply serving signals to search engines.

Our talented copywriters craft highly relevant, engaging, and timely articles, blog posts, and web page copy for our partners’ clients. These content pieces help attract good quality backlinks, tick Google’s quality control guidelines, and most importantly and help your clients to nurture their leads through each stage of the buyer journey.

In addition to considering keyword usage and placement, we’ll create content that your client’s audience wants to read and share. With our carefully created content, your clients will delight their audience and nurture leads through to conversion.

  • Authoritative and relevant content, fully optimized for search engines
  • Link acquisition and on-page SEO


Our private label SEO reports can be fully branded with your agency identity. They give your customers a thorough overview of campaign progress, with easy-to-access data available on demand.

  • Reports fully branded with your agency logo and colors
  • Clear, easy-to-understand dashboards
  • Features transparent data showing campaign progress to date



Our white label SEO services start before you get a client. As your outsourced partner, we’re by your side to help you win new clients. Our comprehensive support package includes everything you need to begin selling SEO services like a pro:

  • Sales scripts are carefully constructed to generate interest, nurture leads and close the deal
  • Pitch decks with your own branding to send to prospects
  • Case studies to demonstrate the capability our SEO team has
  • Full training on how you can sell more SEO services
  • Onboarding documents to bring your new clients online with proven processes and workflows to maximize efficiency and client buy-in
  • Videos and other marketing collateral are available on-demand to support your in-house team

Want to find out more about our white label SEO services? Call us now or book an appointment to speak to our SEO experts at a time that suits you. Call us now or book an appointment to speak with us at a time that suits you. You can also visit one of our offices located in BrightonCyprus, and London.


“ ”

The success we have achieved from our partnership with Seedhub has surpassed my wildest expectations. The team is brilliant and their operations are world-calls. We have experienced significant growth in our company because of the investment we made working with Seedhub. Thanks especially to Andreas and Simon.

Dan McManus

Founder TeamFloral

“ ”

Simon, Panos, and the rest of the Seedhub Team are absolutely the best technical SEO and Agency White-Label service out there. They are meticulous with the little details, and never leave you in the dark. Fully recommend with no reservations- If you need someone to handle the fulfillment of your technical SEO process, these are the guys for you!

Connor Corkrin

Co-Founder & Chief Strategist First Rank Marketing

“ ”

Andreas is a passionate and knowledgeable marketeer with an excellent grasp of local SEO and the critical role that marketing agencies have in helping local businesses maximize their opportunity from local digital marketing. In the 2 years that I worked with Andreas, he helped countless agencies understand how to use, package and sell local SEO to their local business clients and he was a great source of insight and ideas that helped push the BrightLocal product forward.

Myles Anderson

CEO & Co-Founder BrightLocal







What is your communication style?
Our agency has established a professional approach to communicating with clients. Getting the balance between given too little and too much information can sometimes be a challenge but our account managers are there to make sure you have someone to talk with when you need them.
What is the payment schedule?
We invoice monthly and accept a variety of currencies, GBP, Euro and USD. We accept payment on bank transfer, card payment and PayPal.

How much does your service cost?
Search engine optimisation is a fundamental part of digital marketing and as such the cost can vary from client to client depending on need.
Our white label pricing structure is designed so that our white label partners are able to resell our services and make a good margin.

How do you measure results?
Measuring results is important. The main two metrics that a search engine optimization campaign affects are Search Impressions and Organic Traffic visiting a website. This applies to Local SEO as well, although Google’s metrics are named a little different for Google My Business profile listings.

Where appropriate we encourage goal tracking and enhanced ecom analytics so that it is easier to establish a positive return of investment.

We track search impressions through Google Search Console and organic visitors through Google Analytics. For Google My Business we use a tool like Local Viking which allows us to use Google API to have access to the full set of search metrics. In addition to this we also use GeoGrid reports to track GMBs at key locations.
Can you guarantee a No. 1 ranking on Google?
No. We don’t control how Google ranks the websites it has in its index. At the start of a campaign we analyse the competitiveness of a particular search term and make a realistic assessment of the ranking and traffic opportunities available.
What are the services you offer?
It’s important to understand what you can expect when working with Seedhub. We offer on-page optimisation services, link building outreach and a full complement of Local SEO services including citation building and review generation and management. These services are available direct to the client or through a White Label partnership.
What are your strategies for improving brand awareness and search rankings?
We use a mix of Google own Webmaster Guidelines and interpreting Google’s patents. Using these two main sources we can create an agile strategy that focuses on improving the brands authority and increasing visibility for search terms that deliver a return on the investment.
How do you adapt to changes in Google’s algorithm?
Google modifies its search algorithms almost daily and releases a ‘Core Update’ monthly.
It is for this reason that we keep up to date on the changes and test regularly. Scientific testing and measuring the efficacy of a variety of search factors is a vital part of any search strategy as it enables you to track what changes actually affect the order on the search engine ranking pages. Our software measures and tracks over 2000 potential ranking signal areas giving us important insights into the relative importance of a myriad of signals.

All our SEO strategies and tactics are under constant review and our team of specialists are able to implement strategies very quickly meaning that our clients aren’t left behind or negatively affected by algorithm updates.