Places To Visit In Peacehaven

Are you planning on going to Peacehaven but don’t know where to go? We’re here to help. With tips from experts on travel and tourist spots and input from the locals themselves, we’re here to help make your visit to Peacehaven as unique and exciting as possible. Here’s a rundown of the top 5 places you need to go to when you pay a visit to Peacehaven.


Sky High Trampoline Park

Sky High Trampoline Park At Peacehaven UK For Recreation And Fun Weekend

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Situated right in the heart of Peacehaven, Sky High Trampoline Park is a Leisure centre in Peacehaven, England, great for your first visit to town. Please arrange for your trip to us by giving our office a phone call at +44 1273 580029 and see us at Meridian Industrial Estate, D1 / D2, Meridian Way, Peacehaven BN10 8JQ, United Kingdom. Enjoy your trip to Peacehaven with Sky High Trampoline Park.


Big Parks

Big Parks In Peacehaven UK

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Conveniently based at Piddinghoe Ave, Peacehaven BN10 8RH, United Kingdom, Big Parks is the second most famous landmark of Peacehaven. The Award-winning Centenary park (big park) opened in 2015, boosting 11 Acres of green space situated within the South Downs National Park. It’s the perfect place to start a walk or ride, to stop and play or to take advantage of our Gateway Café. The park has two magical playgrounds that will keep your little ones entertained for hours. You can see us at Piddinghoe Ave, Peacehaven BN10 8RH, United Kingdom. You can contact us at +44 1273 585493 for any inquiries and reservations.


Seaford Beach

Image of Seaford Beach in Newheaven, East Sussex

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Trying to find an excellent place to go while you’re in Peacehaven Go to Seaford Beach and enjoy Beach in the United Kingdom. Located right at Seaford Beach, this spot is well-loved among natives and vacationers alike.


Saltdean Beach

Saltdean Beach in Peacehaven UK

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Coming in fourth for Peacehaven’s top five landmarks to visit, Saltdean Beach is essential on your travel plan when you pay a visit to the city. Situated in England, this place is a Wide beach with Undercliff Walk access. Plan your visit to Saltdean Beach and enjoy the rest of your stay at Peacehaven.


Seaford Museum

Image of Seaford Museum at Newheaven, East Sussex

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If you’re the kind of person that appreciates Ocean Museums, then you’ve got to visit Seaford Museum. Conveniently established at Martello Tower, The Esplanade, Seaford BN25 1JH, United Kingdom, you could quickly come by from where you’re staying and get a bite to eat when you’re done! Please phone us at +44 1323 898222 to arrange your visit to Seaford Museum.


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