Top-notch Restaurants in Peacehaven, UK

Staying at Peacehaven for a vacation and want to know the best places to have a meal? We got your back! Direct from the city’s greatest chefs and culinary pros and strongly recommended by the natives. We’re going to make sure you indulge in the best dishes only Peacehaven can give you while you’re in town. Here’s a list of the finest five restaurants you should dine in while you’re in Peacehaven!

Baan Sai

Conveniently based at the heart of Peacehaven, Baan Sai is the best and most popular restaurant among travellers and locals alike! Visit us at 314 S Coast Rd, Peacehaven BN10 7EJ, United Kingdom and experience a family run Thai Restaurant bringing a taste of Thailand to Peacehaven. Schedule a reservation with us at +44 1273 640254 and savour an authentic Peacehaven dining experience at Baan Sai.


Road Shack Diner Peacehaven

Are you searching for a fantastic cafe to eat at while you’re in the city? Road Shack Diner Peacehaven has one of the most incredible food selections in Peacehaven, found in 145 S Coast Rd, Peacehaven BN10 8NN, United Kingdom. Give us a ring at +44 7923 286590 and enjoy vegan diner open Wednesday to Sunday offering breakfasts, pancakes, burgers, cakes, cookies and more!


Peacehaven Carvery

Found right in the heart of Peacehaven, this family-friendly pub lets you savour all the different flavours of the city. Peacehaven Carvery is a Family-friendly pub, part of a chain, with cooked breakfast, carvery, bar classics and meal deals in 295 S Coast Rd, Peacehaven BN10 7HX, United Kingdom, recommended by Peacehaven’s top-notch chefs and numerous culinary sites. Call us at +44 1273 589332 and dine at one of the best local restaurants in the area!


The Pantry Cafe

This is another excellent Cafe to eat at while you’re in Peacehaven. Based in 177 S Coast Rd, Peacehaven BN10 8NR, United Kingdom. The Pantry Cafe is a breakfast station with good food and lets you enjoy flavours and meals you’ll only be able to get in Peacehaven. Call us at +44 1273 582354 and book a reservation at The Pantry Cafe!


Flame Burger

Whether you’re in Peacehaven for a couple of days or having an extended getaway, you positively have to include Flame Burger on your itinerary. Stationed at 134 S Coast Rd, Peacehaven BN10 8RD, United Kingdom, this Hamburger restaurant is the best place to get a burger in Peacehaven. Schedule a reservation with us at +44 1273 030067 and enjoy one of Peacehaven’s best restaurants!


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