Top-notch Restaurants in Lakatamia

INside a Restaurant in Lakatamia


Staying at Lakatamia for a vacation and want to know the best places to have a mealat? We got your back! Direct from the city’s greatest chefs and culinary pros, and strongly recommended by the natives, we’re going to make sure you indulge in the best dishes only Lakatamia can give you while you’re in town. Here’s a list of the finest 5 restaurants you should dine in while you’re in Lakatamia!

Coral Sea Take Away

Conveniently based at the heart of Lakatamia, Coral Sea Take Away is the best and most popular Pizza Takeout among travelers and locals alike! Visit us at Τσερίου 52, Lakatamia, Cyprus and experience a Here you will find nicely cooked doner kebabs and good souvlakia. Schedule a reservation with us at +35722384580 and savor an authentic Lakatamia dining experience at Coral Sea Take Away.


Σουβλάκια Νίκης

Searching for a fantastic restaurant to eat at while you’re in the city? Σουβλάκια Νίκης has the one of the greatest food selections in Lakatamia, found in Lykavitou 3, Egkomi, Cyprus. Give us a ring at +35722357514 and enjoy The Souvlaki of Victory has been in the hearts of everyone in Nicosia for years and not only after it was voted the best chicken souvlaki in Cyprus by the Time Out Cyprus Magazine Eating Awards. The two owners Dimitris and Kyriakos always have a common goal (Their love for good food). that you can only find in this part of town!


Big Hit Properly Grilled – Σουβλάκια

Found right in the heart of Lakatamia, this restaurant lets you savor all the different flavors of the city. Big Hit Properly Grilled – Σουβλάκια is a It all started in November 1998, when Nikos and Eleni Christofi opened the BIG HIT family store. The occasion was the traditional Sieftalia recipe of grandmother Chrystalla. To this day, our priority remains the same, to offer delicious and quality food at good prices using daily fresh ingredients of local production. With hard work and consistency in the excellent quality and service of our customers we managed to gain your trust and love. Our promise is to continue working with the same passion and to do what we love most, good food on the grill in Ayiou Georgiou 108, Lakatamia 2304, Cyprus, recommended by Lakatamia’s top-notch chefs and numerous culinary sites. Call us at +35722388586 and dine at one of the best local restaurants in the area!


Toronto Pizza Lakatamia

This is another excellent pizza restaurant to eat at while you’re in Lakatamia. Based in Panteli Katelari, Lakatamia, Cyprus, Toronto Pizza Lakatamia is a To succeed in something you should like it. That’s what my grandfather said! I started in 1967 from Palaichori to Canada for a career in engineering. I was already on the way to engineering, but my interest was in other fields. A random (!) acquaintance with the Italian pizza master, senior Francesco Longo, my admiration for his skills, his theory and his product, immediately convinced me to become his student. When later I took over the private store (Quo Vadis Pizza), the work was increased by 350% and this went on for over 15 years … Our success in Toronto Pizza (Cyprus) is beyond our expectations. Today we are the largest Cypriot pizza store with a Franchise system, and with our management offices being located on Athalassa avenue, in Strovolos. We never underestimate the client’s knowledge and perception. Customer distinguishes QUALITY, PRICE, SERVICE and CLEANANCE. We never play with them. and lets you enjoy flavors and meals you’ll only be able to get in Lakatamia. Call us at +35722371444 and book a reservation at Toronto Pizza Lakatamia!


Λουκουμάδες Κυριλλής (Loukoumades Kyrillis)

Whether you’re in Lakatamia for a couple of days or having an extended getaway, you positively have to include Λουκουμάδες Κυριλλής (Loukoumades Kyrillis) on your itinerary. Stationed at Strovolos, Cyprus, this restaurant is a cozy restaurant. Schedule a reservation with us at +35722674942 and enjoy one of Lakatamia’s best restaurants!


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