Top-notch Restaurants in Dali, Cyprus

Staying in Dali, Cyprus, for a vacation and want to know the best places to have a meal? We got your back! Direct from the city’s greatest chefs and culinary pros and strongly recommended by the natives. We’re going to make sure you indulge in the best dishes only Dali, Cyprus can give you while you’re in town. Here’s a list of the finest five restaurants you should dine in while you’re in Dali, Cyprus!


Bonanza Bar & Grill

Conveniently based in Dali, Cyprus, Bonanza Bar & Grill is the best and most popular Bar & grill among travelers and locals alike! Visit us at Georgiou Griva Digeni 20, Dali 2540, Cyprus. At Bonanza Saloon, they offer for over 30 years excellent quality meals, and they invite you to try our delicious food. Schedule a reservation with us at +357 22 522989 and savor an authentic Dali, Cyprus dining experience at Bonanza Bar & Grill.


Efkalyptoi restaurant – Κέντρο Ευκάλυπτοι

Are you searching for a fantastic Traditional restaurant to eat at while you’re in the city? Efkalyptoi restaurant – Κέντρο Ευκάλυπτοι has one of the most incredible food selections in Dali, Cyprus, found in Acharnon 3, Dali 2540, Cyprus. Give us a ring at +357 99 497808 and enjoy a Traditional Cyprus cuisine restaurant, kid’s playground, and events venue that you can only find in this part of town!



Found right in the heart of Dali, Cyprus, this restaurant lets you savor all the different flavors of the city. Ονειράμα is a cafe/restaurant in Arch. Makarios III 29, Dali 2540, Cyprus, recommended by Dali, Cyprus’s top-notch chefs and numerous culinary sites. Call us at +357 22 441515 and dine at one of the best local restaurants in the area!


ΠΑΡΚΟ «Ευκάλυπτοι»

This is another excellent restaurant to eat at while you’re in Dali, Cyprus. Based in Acharnon 28, Dali 2540, Cyprus, ΠΑΡΚΟ «Ευκάλυπτοι» lets you enjoy flavors and meals you’ll only be able to get in Dali, Cyprus. Call us at +357 70 001977 and book a reservation at ΠΑΡΚΟ «Ευκάλυπτοι»!


Ταβέρνα Ττάσης

Whether you’re in Dali, Cyprus for a couple of days or having an extended getaway, you positively have to include Ταβέρνα Ττάσης on your itinerary. Stationed at Dimitri Chamatsou 4, Dali, Cyprus, this restaurant offers its visitors Greek cuisine. Order good doner kebabs, souvlakia and sheftalia. Schedule a reservation with us at +357 22 521203 and enjoy one of Dali, Cyprus’s best restaurants!

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