Places to Visit in Larnaca

Are you planning on going to Larnaca but don’t know where to go? We’re here to help. With tips from experts on travel and tourist spots and input from the locals themselves, we’re here to help make your visit to Larnaca as unique and exciting as possible. Here’s a rundown of the top 5 places you need to go to when you pay a visit to Larnaca.

Church of Saint Lazarus

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Situated right in the heart of Larnaca, the Church of Saint Lazarus is a Restored 9th-century Byzantine stone church in the town’s centre housing a gold-plated iconostasis, great for your first visit to town. Arrange for your trip to us by giving our office a phone call at +35724652498 and see us at Πλατεία, Ayiou Lazarou, Larnaca, Cyprus. Enjoy your trip to Larnaca with the Church of Saint Lazarus.


Larnaca Salt Lake

Image of Larnaca Salt Lake in Cyprus

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Conveniently based in Larnaca, Cyprus, Larnaca Salt Lake is the second most famous landmark of Larnaca. Larnaca Salt Lake is a complex network of four salt lakes of different sizes to the west of the city of Larnaca. The largest is lake Aliki, followed by lake Orphani, Soros, and Spiro. You can see us in Larnaca, Cyprus.


Kamares Aqueduct

Image of Kamares Aqueduct in Larnaca Cyprus

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Are you trying to find an excellent place to go while you’re in Larnaca Go to Kamares Aqueduct and enjoy Kamares Aqueduct, which is an aqueduct near Larnaca, Cyprus? Located outside the city, near the old road to Limassol, it was built in 1747. Tassos Mitropoulos has described it as the most prominent water supply made in Cyprus. Located right at Larisis Van Ntaik, Larnaca, Cyprus, this spot is well-loved among natives and vacationers alike. Contact us at +37069945718 and plan your visit to Kamares Aqueduct on your next visit to Larnaca.


Hala Sultan Tekke

Image of Hala Sultan Tekke in Larnaca Cyprus

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Coming in fourth for Larnaca’s top five landmarks to visit, Hala Sultan Tekke is essential on your travel plan when you pay a visit to the city. Situated at Tekke Road, Larnaca, Cyprus, Hala Sultan Tekke or the Mosque of Umm Haram is a mosque and tekke complex on the west bank of Larnaca Salt Lake, in Larnaca, Cyprus. Plan your visit to Hala Sultan Tekke and enjoy the rest of your stay at Larnaca.



Image of Finikoudes beach in Larnaca Cyprus

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If you’re the kind of person that appreciates Renowned beach with palms & promenades, then you’ve got to visit Finikoudes. Conveniently established at Larnaca, you could quickly come by from where you’re staying and get a bite to eat when you’re done!


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