Places to Visit in Falmer Brighton

Are you planning on going to Falmer but don’t know where to go? We’re here to help. With tips from experts on travel and tourist spots and input from the locals themselves, we’re here to help make your visit to Falmer as unique and exciting as possible. Here’s a rundown of the top 5 places you need to go to when you pay a visit to Falmer.


Stanmer Park Nature Reserve

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Situated right in the heart of Falmer, Stanmer Park is a large public park immediately to the west of the University of Sussex. The north-east of the city of Brighton in the county of East Sussex, England, UK. It is a Local Nature Reserve and English Heritage, under the National Heritage Act 1983, has registered the park on the Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England at Grade II level. The eighteenth-century park contains the Grade I listed Stanmer House and 25 Grade II listed buildings and structures. These form the village of Stanmer and Stanmer Church within the park, which would once have been the house’s estate. All were private until bought by Brighton’s Council in 1947. There is a café, Stanmer Tea Rooms, in the village.

A major restoration project is funded through the National Lottery, the City Council, Plumpton College and the South Downs National Park Authority. Once completed, this should improve the park’s infrastructure, facilities, and accessibility, explain the heritage better, and provide a new walled public garden, One Garden Brighton. Recent employment and volunteer opportunities and events are also planned to start in 2021, great for your first visit to town. Please arrange for your trip and see us at Falmer, Brighton BN1 9RE, United Kingdom. Enjoy your trip to Falmer with Stanmer Park Nature Reserve.


Brighton Palace Pier

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Conveniently based at Madeira Dr, Brighton BN2 1TW, United Kingdom, Brighton Palace Pier is the second most famous landmark of Falmer. The Brighton Palace Pier, commonly known as Brighton Pier or the Palace Pier, is a Grade II* listed pleasure pier in Brighton, England, located in the city centre opposite the Old Steine. Established in 1899, it was the third pier constructed in Brighton after the Royal Suspension Chain Pier and the West Pier but is now the only one still in operation. It is managed and operated by the Eclectic Bar Group. The Palace Pier was intended as a replacement for the Chain Pier, which collapsed in 1896 during the construction of the new pier. It quickly became popular and had become a frequently-visited theatre and entertainment venue by 1911. Aside from closures owing to war, it continued to hold regular entertainment up to the 1970s. The theatre was damaged in 1973. After a buy-out was demolished in 1986, changing the pier’s character from seaside entertainment to an amusement park, with various fairground rides and roller coasters. You can see us at Madeira Dr, Brighton BN2 1TW, United Kingdom. You can get in touch with us at +44 1273 609361 for any inquiries and reservations.


Brighton West Pier

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Trying to find an excellent place to go while you’re in Falmer Go to Brighton West Pier and enjoy The West Pier is a pier in Brighton, England. It was designed by Eugenius Birch and opened in 1866. It was the first pier to be Grade I listed in England & Wales but has become increasingly derelict since its closure to the public in 1975. As of 2021, only a partial metal framework remains. The pier was constructed during a boom in pleasure pier building in the 1860s. It was designed to attract tourists to Brighton. It was the town’s second pier, joining the Royal Suspension Chain Pier that opened in 1823. The West Pier was extended in 1893, and a concert hall was added in 1916. The pier reached its peak attendance at this time, with 2 million visitors between 1918 and 1919. Its popularity began to decline after World War II, and a funfair and tearoom replaced concerts.

A local company took over ownership of the pier in 1965 but could not meet the increased maintenance cost and filed for bankruptcy. The dock closed to the public in 1975 and fell into disrepair. It gradually collapsed during the early 21st century. Located right at Kings Rd, Brighton BN1 2FL, United Kingdom, this spot is well-loved among natives and vacationers alike. Contact us at +44 1273 321499 and plan your visit to Brighton West Pier on your next visit to Falmer.


Falmer Bar

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Coming in fourth for Falmer’s top five landmarks to visit, Falmer Bar is essential on your travel plan when you pay a visit to the village. Situated at the Falmer House University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9QF, United Kingdom. This place is A lively student bar at the University of Sussex, surrounded by the South Downs National Park – general public welcome too. Plan your visit to Falmer Bar by giving us a ring at +44 1273 678148 and enjoy the rest of your stay at Falmer.


Falmer Railway Station

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Suppose you’re the kind of person who appreciates Falmer railway station in East Sussex, southeast England, 3 miles 39 chains from Brighton on the East Coastway line. Southern operates it. The station serves the village of Falmer and the University of Sussex campus, and the University of Brighton Falmer Campus. You’ve got to visit Falmer Railway Station. Conveniently established at Station Approach, Brighton BN1 9SD, United Kingdom, you could quickly come by from where you’re staying and get a bite to eat when you’re done! Please phone us at 0345 127 2920 to arrange your visit to Falmer Railway Station.


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