Google Users Click On Organic Search Engine Results 94% Of The Time

Have you heard that Google users click on organic search engine results 94% of the time?

Therefore, the higher you appear on search engine results pages (SERPs), the more clicks and calls you get! Google users tend to ignore the ads on the top of Google and opt for the organic results listed on the first page. Spending all your marketing budget on paid ads (PPC) will leave no legacy of the company or remnant of visibility on the search engines when the ad disappears.

However, organic SEO marketing works differently. The time & resources spent for SEO services deliver long-term advantages, such as quality website traffic and a much better user experience.

SEO helps maximize & maintain online visibility and creates trust, trustworthiness & authority for SEO-optimized business websites.

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The Best Search Engine Optimisation Services in London

Seedhub Media is a remote digital marketing agency assisting businesses in London, UK, grow and thrive with local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services. We provide skilled white label SEO, Organic SEO, Local SEO solutions, Citation & Link Building, Google My Business & Reputation management and even more digital marketing services.

Industry experts Andreas Georgiades and Simon Kensington-Fellows launched Seedhub Media in 2019. Today, the firm offers SEO services to 350+ organisations of all shapes and sizes in the UK and abroad.

We provide customised SEO services to marketing companies, web creators, engineers and other local niche enterprises, like flower shops, dentists, bars, dining establishments, coffee shops, HVAC Services, building contractors, architects and more.

What’s more, with our help, our partner agencies can include high-quality SEO packages in their services without hiring new employees. The best part? Their clients don’t know that we exist, so our partner agencies get all credit and acknowledgment for helping them get to the top of Google.

At Seedhub Media, our team believes that we are successful only when our partners succeed. That’s why we are anytime by their side, allowing them to conquer the online search engine and increase their or their clients’ online exposure!

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